Our dinner date in the warehouse was beautiful
My name is Rainer Scheer, founder of the ultimate outdoor lounge party, Chillounge Night. The past 2 years we have focused on our furniture rental business. The coronavirus has taken it all away, 100% of our rentals have either gotten cancelled or rescheduled and I will not let this shatter my creativity. Last week I asked my wife, Patricia to have dinner with me at our warehouse. I love to create experiences and needed a reminder of how cool our LED furniture is. We ordered and picked up great food from a local Sarasota restaurant. We had so much fun!!!

“Patricia Filomeno, I love you… thanks for always supporting me. Be safe and hope this will be over soon, cheers” Rainer Scheer

Featured on WFLA News Chanel 8 with Meredyth Censullo!

Behind the Scenes Video

Our Favorite Comments:

  • That is so lovely and so romantic!
  • Well played, Rainer and Patricia!
  • That’s awesome!!!❣️❣️❣️
  • ✨⭐️🌟✨❤️
  • Great idea Rainer!
    Light and Colors Therapy!:)
  • Wonderfully clever and romantic!
  • STUNNING idea. You’re a wonderful husband.
  • Wow! What a romantic evening! 💕
  • Your furniture is so unique and such a beautiful display at various events!
  • Wow! As usual you go all out to create the most amazing experiences! Thanks for letting our Michael’s On East team help take your mind off things and you did bring a big smile to our faces! We look forward to seeing you soon in person! #michaelsathome
  • Looks like great fun Rainer! 🍽🍷🍾
  • So sweet!
    This reminds me I need to come to an event one day.✨A post corona one would be 🤩🌟.
  • Lovely:) so wonderful to have each other
  • adorable!!!! SRQ is coming…
  • Michael’s On East, We LOVE this! Such a fun idea. Thank you so much for choosing Michael’s At Home, Rainer; it’s sincerely appreciated.
  • Wow!!! Hard to top that fabulous dinner date!! 👏♥️🥂
  • Love dancing to Bach!!
  • What a sexy video. Very well done. Thank you for sharing and reminding us about having fun with what we have.
  • This is special! You are so fun…Stay safe and well!🙏
  • Awwwwwwww☺️❤️
  • ✨🥁🍷You are so clever…cheers to you both 💖
  • That’s awesome exposure for your biz. Nice job🌴
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