Party House Rental Services. Are you planning a 40th birthday party? a 4th of July Bash?,  get together with friends? Florida Furniture Rental can help make your party a special event. We have one of the largest selections of LED furniture and decor pieces in the state of Florida and we love to create experiences for our customers. We are more than just a furniture rental company, we will partner with you to make sure all of the details are perfect.

Are you planning a house party? Let us suggest a few ideas:

LED Furniture and decor pieces will add a touch of chic to any get together

For 4th of July party our LED furniture and decor pieces will light up in bright Red, White and Blue (for the evening)

Planning an outdoor party? try our grass-turf sofas and tables (we even have grass-turf walls to add logos or messages to your event )

Have you seen our Aluminum furniture pieces? We have sofas, tables and high tops for a chic party.

Below we have more photos to inspire your next house party!

40th Birthday Party in Miami
40th Birthday party in Miami

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