Bar Mitzvah Event Furniture Rental

Bar Mitzvah Furniture Rentals

Our light up furniture and unique furniture options for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are all about cool. Our furniture add a club vibe with light-up tables, leather lounges and glow decor touches......

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Special Destination Event Furniture Rental

Event Furniture Rental for special destination events. We work with DMCs all over the state and provide several styles of furniture, Neon Glow furniture, lounge sofas......

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Glow Lounge Furniture Rental

With one of the biggest inventories of Glow lounge furniture for rent. We service all of Florida with our glow lounge furniture rental business....

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WONDERBALL featuring Steve Aoki!

Facebook Instagram Hosted at the Circus Arts Conservatory’s Sailor Circus, a unique Sarasota venue featuring EDM superstar Steve Aoki. All VIP Glow furniture/decor setup and Glow bars provided by Florida Furniture Rental. Special thanks to Umbreen Khalidi-Majeed, Donna J. Koffman, and The Circus Arts Conservatory Click to learn more about Wonderball – Coming Back 2024 Umbreen Khalidi-Majeed visiting our warehouse to select …...

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Glow Furniture Rental St Pete

Planning an event in St Pete and looking for a local company to help furnish your Neon inspired event? Our main warehouse is located only 40 minutes away from St Pete so you can imagine how we LOVE to work with our St Pete neighbors to furnish their: St Pete Glow Event – St Pete Bar Mitzvah – St Pete …...

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Florida Design Event Furniture Rental

Florida Design Event Furniture Rental – Our focus is to create cool design inspired event furniture rentals for the entire state of Florida. We are proud to have 3 warehouses located in Sarasota, Orlando and Miami which lets us provide our furniture lines to clients all over Florida. Florida Furniture Rental, design event furniture rental professionals. Florida Design Event …...

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Party Furniture for Parties Sarasota

Planning a party in Sarasota and looking to rent cool, chic and unique furniture? Party furniture rental for parties in Sarasota is what some clients search for. We rent furniture for parties in Sarasota. Our main warehouse is located in Bradenton, FL only 30 minutes away from Sarasota. Our inventory of furniture includes LED furniture for rent in SRQ, lounge …...

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Florida Gala Furniture Rental

Planning a Gala, fundraising event and looking to rent furniture that will enhance the look? Florida Furniture Rental is the go to company to talk to when planning your fundraising gala. With 3 warehouses located in Sarasota, Orlando and Miami we are proud to serve the entire state of Florida (and sometimes when the job is right we travel outside …...

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Summer Event Furniture Rental

Are you planning an event this summer in Florida and looking for a local company to help furnish your event? Summer event furniture options to bring your event to the next level. With our 3 warehouses located in Sarasota, Orlando and Miami we can serve clients all over the state of Florida. SUMMER EVENT FURNITURE RENTALS COOL LIGHT UP BAR …...

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Florida Party Furniture Rentals

Planning a party in Florida and looking to rent cool, chic and unique furniture? Florida Furniture Rental was created with the purpose of showcasing our furniture rental lines for parties throughout Florida. Neon inspired furniture rental for a DMC in Orlando Florida Party Rental – Florida Event Rentals – Florida Bar Mitzvah – Florida Mat Mitzvah Furniture Rental – Florida Corporate Event …...

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Dinner in the Warehouse

Last week I asked my wife, Patricia to have dinner with me at our warehouse…

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