Corporate Event Rentals Florida

Are you planning a corporate event in Florida and looking for a company to partner with to provide the best and coolest corporate furniture rental options? Florida Furniture Rental, a division of Chillounge Night is proud to not only offer great customer service but because of our 3 warehouses (Sarasota, Orlando and Miami) we are able to serve the entire …...

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Armature Works Fireworks VIP setup

Beautiful lounge setup for VIP to watch the fireworks. Thanks Armature Works for this project and layout plan. Great teamwork.Client was happy and surprised how fast we could setup VIP lounge furniture seating for 200 people.Armature Works is a fully restored mixed-use building that breathes new life into the historic Tampa Heights neighborhood. With its unobstructed view of the Hillsborough …...

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Neon Corporate Furniture Rental

This was a huge NEON corporate event Rental held at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando. We charged 150 LED Neon furniture and decor items and our client was so pleased and proud not only with our level of customer service and setup times but the final look that we were able to achieve. It was a complete success! We rented …...

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Event Furniture Rental Sarasota

We have been renting our event furniture not only for our Sarasota clients but all over the state of Florida. With 3 warehouses located in Orlando, Sarasota and Miami we are able to offer our event furniture rental services to all types of clients (big and small). We own over 600 items of GLOW Light Up furniture and decor items …...

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Event Furniture Florida

Are you planning an event in sunny Florida and looking for a company that can provide furniture rental options? Event Furniture Florida. Florida Furniture Rental, a division of Chillounge Night. We have 3 warehouses located in Sarasota, Orlando and Miami. This lets us serve clients all over the state of Florida, and we have even worked with clients in Georgia! …...

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4th of July Corporate Event Rentals

Are you planning to celebrate the 4th of July with your company and looking to create a 4th of July corporate event? We are Florida Furniture Rental, with warehouses located in Sarasota, Orlando and Miami. We have over 600 items of GLOW items that are great to mix up with our other items of furniture. Furniture items such as: white …...

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Glow Event Rentals

Glow Event Rentals is booming at the moment and we are proud to have over 600 LED Glow items for rent. With warehouses located in Sarasota, Orlando and Miami. Florida Furniture Rental exceeds all of our clients expectations with not only great customer service and on time delivery but with creative, unique and cool Glow furniture and LED decor items …...

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Event Furniture Rental

We are more than just an event furnishing company, Florida Furniture Rental and Miami Furniture Rental was created with the mission to help our clients achieve a fantastic setting within their needs. We help create moments in time their guests will not forget. With 3 warehouses located in Sarasota, Orlando and Miami we are proud to be able to provide …...

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Pool Party Furniture Rental

We live in beautiful sunny Florida so we might as well party with a cool and chic pool party setup. We work with both corporate and private clients looking to create a pool party experience for their guests to enjoy the gorgeous Florida sun. See below a few images of recent pool parties utilizing our unique furniture setups. The possibilities …...

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Event Party Rentals

Add lighting to your upcoming event with our light up lounge furniture and light up decor items. Florida Furniture Rental, a division of Chillounge Night has been in the business of creating experiences since opening its doors in 2009. Let us add that special touch of sophistication to your event with our cool, chic and unique lounge furniture and decor …...

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Dinner in the Warehouse

Last week I asked my wife, Patricia to have dinner with me at our warehouse…

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